Kids Face Shield Dinosaur Design Anti-Fog Face Shields for Kids
Kids Face Shield Dinosaur Design Anti-Fog Face Shields for Kids
Kids Face Shield Dinosaur Design Anti-Fog Face Shields for Kids

Kids Face Shield Dinosaur Design Anti-Fog Face Shields for Kids

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Kids Face Shield I 4 PACK Anti-Fog Face Shield for Kids DINOSAUR Design| Reusable Childrens Shield Masks with Elastic and Soft Comfort Sponge I Anti Sun, UV, Dust and Droplets Like Spitting


  • 360 FULL FACE PROTECTION: These full-length reusabe faceshield protect the face and eyes from airborne debris and liquid splash, they block access to the face to prevent hands-to-face contact. They have an antifog coating to keep the wide field of vision clear and can be worn over facemasks. Use of comfortable elastic bands makes them the perfect face shield for glasses wearers. unlike regular kids face shield with glasses, they do not need any assembly.
  • ULTRA CLEAR FACE SHIELD : Your cute face shield comes with a protective anti scratch film, REMOVE THE FILM and reveal the ultra clear shield. The quality of the PET plastic means you will not hear complaints like it's not clear from the kids. The kids anti-fog face shields will not get cloudy from their breath, keeping faceshield safety for kids a priority. and that is what we have focused on with this anti fog face shield.
  • DUAL LAYER ANTI-FOG :The Cradle plus kid face shield comes pre-treated to be anti fog. Using a foggy shield can become a hazard, imagine driving with your windscreen foggy, you wouldn't want that for your child, That is why we have taken the utmost care to treat this shield and make it anti fog, face shield for glasses wearers. UNIQUE DESIGN & FAST DELIVERY: High-end printed unicorns on the face mask with different designs on each one. Shipped from Texas USA, guarantees fast delivery.
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: toddler face shield can become expensive. Imagine you have to buy disposable face mask for kids or some other kids face shield mask. Our Childrens face shield are washable and reusable. no need to wash with toxic chemicals, if good old soap and water is good enough for your hands, it is also absolutely good enough for the shields that go over your face for long periods of time. Good thing each pack is a 4pc Kids Protective Face Covering pack.
  • PLIABLE PET PLASTIC: Nobody wants the discomfort of shields digging into your neck. Our kids face shields is made from high quality and pliable PET plastic. which means even though our kids shield features a large area that covers from eyebrows to chin, providing full 360 facial protection against foreign objects or droplets, the child face shield material is soft enough to not dig uncomfortably into the neck and upper chest of the child unlike some personal protective equipment and safety gear


  • Protective anti scratch film, please REMOVE FILM before use.

  • 4 Different Unicorn designs

  • Double sided Anti-Fog treatment to ensure clear vision always

  • Cosmetic grade soft sponge for forehead rest

  • Comfortable elastic headband

  • Light weight and pliable PET plastic. Child will almost forget its on