Breast Shell & Nipple Shield Set | Pack of 5
Breast Shell & Nipple Shield Set | Pack of 5
Breast Shell & Nipple Shield Set | Pack of 5
Breast Shell & Nipple Shield Set | Pack of 5
Breast Shell & Nipple Shield Set | Pack of 5
Breast Shell & Nipple Shield Set | Pack of 5
Breast Shell & Nipple Shield Set | Pack of 5
Breast Shell & Nipple Shield Set | Pack of 5
Breast Shell & Nipple Shield Set | Pack of 5

Breast Shell & Nipple Shield Set | Pack of 5

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  • { 5 PACK COMPLETE BREASTFEEDING SET }: Contains 2 Extra soft and flexible contact nursing or nipple shields in a portable storage or carry case and 2 Breast Shells milk saver made from food grade silicone and PVC. Perfect for gifting to a new mom, nursing mother or as an addition to your baby registry.
  • { PAIN RELIEF }: As much as the benefits of breastfeeding out weighs almost any other discomfort, the pain associated with it, especially in the presence of sore, cracked or chaffed nipples is better left imagined. The contact nipple shield acts as a barrier during sucking thus relieving this pain. Allowing milk to continually drip into the milk savers, rather than pushed against a nursing pad, reduces the likelihood of engorgement another source of pain in breastfeeding.
  • { NO MORE LIQUID GOLD WASTAGE }: Our nursing cups are designed to be used with any bra, collects your leaking breast milk as you nurse, pump or while performing your daily activities, allowing you to effortlessly save your precious milkies.
  • { COMFORTABLE AND DISCREET }: The Cradle plus contact nipple shields and milk catchers are both comfortable to use and very discreet. Nipple shields are designed to adhere to nipples while still promoting the much-needed skin to skin contact, it provides relief from the latch on problems to flat or inverted nipples. While the milk Collector fits discreetly into your bra, does not affect appearance, and protects sore nipples from friction, while reducing the risk for engorgements.
  • { PREVENT YEAST INFECTION }: The breast shells feature a built-in spout for air ventilation which also doubles for use to poor out collected milk into bottles. While the 4 holes on nipples not only encourage easy and consistent milk flow, but also prevents pooling of milk, in an overactive letdown, thus keeping nipples dry, and promoting healing of cracked and chaffed nipples.

Doctors, agree that Breastfeeding a Baby is one of the best decisions any new mom can take for their baby if they are able to. Not only does this have beneficial nutritional but it also promotes bonding and reduces the risk for postpartum depression. 
The pain and discomfort associated with breast feeding for some moms which makes this decision unbearable.

At Cradle plus, we've been there and hence this nursing essentials gift set. Tested to ensure zero Chemical leaching, no BPA, leads, or Phthalates

Made up of

  • 2 nipple shields
  • 1 storage case
  • 2 breast shells milk savers or collectors.


Nipple Shields in Carry Case are flexible & soft enough to both be comfortable & act as a contact during breastfeeding, protecting sore nipples from further damage and chaffing.

Perfect For
- Poor latch
- Flat/inverted Nipples
- Tongue or Lip Tie or 
- For an over active let down.


  • Soft bendable silicone covering for maximum comfort
  • Each breast Shell can hold up to 20ml of milk
  • Built in Sprout for air ventilation and easy transfer of milk to bottles
  • Fits in your Bra, convenient to use while breasfeeding or pumping.
  • Easy clean and sterilize



  • Comes with a PVC carrying case.
  • 4 holes promotes ventilation and easy flow of milk, preventing milk pooling.
  • Easy clean and sterilize


PLEASE do not feed baby with milk that has spent too long in shells, as they can become contaminated.
Place air vents facing upward when using in bra, be careful when bending down to avoid spillage from sprout
Even though Breast shells are designed to fit in your bra, they are not recommended for wearing while in a sleeping or side lying