BLW terms and conditions


None of the content provided in our poster, website, listing or included eBook constitute medical advice, diagnoses, recommendation or endorsement.

The foods listed on our poster is not all inclusive, even though some popular allergens are noted, it does not guarantee that your child may not be allergic to a totally unmarked food item.  The list is provided strictly for information purpose and nothing else. Tracking your baby’s food and aiming to hit 100 before age one is done strictly for fun and also helps to expand your family’s meal base too.

 Recipe results may vary. Before preparing any food or using any products you should ensure all ingredients are safe and appropriate for your use and consumption, and all appliances and utensils are safe for use. Do not use any utensil or appliance except as expressly intended and in accordance with the terms and safety provisions provided by its manufacturer.

you should not rely on the information provided by Cradle Plus as a substitute for advice from a qualified healthcare provider. Always consult a qualified healthcare provider prior to altering, supplementing, or changing your diet or your child’s diet, and acting (or omitting action) in reliance on information provided by us

All action or inaction you take while relying on any information provided by Cradle Plus is at your own risk and Cradle Plus is not liable, directly or indirectly, to you or any third party for any injury, loss, damages, or claims of any kind, whatsoever, up to and including death.

if you believe you or someone you care for is experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately and consult a doctor.

Before starting Baby Led Weaning, we recommend you learn infant CPR