Magic Potty Stickers | Dinosaur Design
Magic Potty Stickers | Dinosaur Design
Magic Potty Stickers | Dinosaur Design
Magic Potty Stickers | Dinosaur Design
Magic Potty Stickers | Dinosaur Design
Magic Potty Stickers | Dinosaur Design

Magic Potty Stickers | Dinosaur Design

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Potty Training Seat Magic Sticker | Potty Training Toilet Color Changing Sticker | 5 Pack Dinosaur Stickers | Use with or Without Potty Training Charts
  • POTTY TRAIN LIKE A PRO: Some kids resist potty training because they just dread sitting on the potty.Kids are adventurous beings, and making the most mundane activity fun for them will make your life so much easier, and your kid so much happier. Our potty stickers come in black and magically reveals a photo upon contact with urine. Potty training in 3 days could very well be your reality.
  • Positive Reinforcement or Rewards System has been known to work in toddler potty training. Kids love to see the image appear on contact with their urine and disappear on contact with cold water
  • The Science: Stickers are safe, made from thermochromic color changing paper, they are heat sensitive and reveal color upon contact with heat. PVC covering makes it easy to rinse and prevents it from retaining odor
  • Pack of 5: Each sticker is reusable for weeks, but not only is potty training not usually that long. but we know how gross it will be to try to clean the sticker when it comes in contact with feces so go ahead and trash it. We have got your back with 5 Stickers
  • BUILD SELF ESTEEM: successful potty training is not only a happy event for the parent but also a major accomplishment for your child. They feel empowered, and they relish the big kid role. Our Toilet training stickers will help you overcome the many potty training obstacles, reducing the anxiety and stress associated, helping in our own way to build the self of esteem of your little rockstar.

Feel the Magic in Potty Training

Potty training a toddler is a big deal, not only does it mark the beginning of a new stage for your child, as he or she transitions into big boy or big girl underpants, but it means you get to save dollars, because, let's face it! Diapers can be expensive.
Make using the potty a magical experience every time for your little one as their Pee Magically reveals a jungle Dinosaur in the potty training toilet

This easy to use color-changing sticker sticks to any clean potty. Rinses out nicely and does not retain odor.

Pack of 5 means there is enough to use when a sticker comes in contact with poop and needs to be replaced. No Magic in Gross stickers, Your little one will head for the potty seat every time he or she feels the urge, just so they can watch the black sticker magically turn to the cute jungle Dinosaur

Toilet Training will be a breeze with this potty training rewards system with or without a potty training chart & watch your toddler potty train just like in potty training books

Your little one will head for the potty seat!

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