Teaching Your Toddler Hygiene : Importance Of Basic Hygiene Habits

Your baby is your world and nothing is more important to you than your child. All the parents of the world want their children to succeed, no matter whatsoever the situation is. 

Winning is not only based on doing well in career but also the character of a person which defines him. Basic elements like cleanliness, moral values, honesty, self hygiene, sense of belonging etc helps to build the right attitude of a child which helps him go a long way but when does all that start? 

Right from the time a child is born. 

Parents play an important role in what the child would become in the near future. A child needs all the time parents could invest in them to nurture great habits.

A toddler wouldn't learn what you teach them, but would be a copy of what you are. They see and adapt more rather than learning from what you tell them to do. 

Toddlers are best at getting filthy, be it playing in the mud, on the floor, getting their clothes dirty and what not. 

They eat less and waste more, and then would eat what's on that floor! 

It becomes very essential for a parent to teach their kids proper hygiene habits so that their toddlers don't fall ill and are healthy.

The list includes brushing, potty habits, washing hands and feet, keeping surroundings clean etc etc.

1. Washing Hands 

Basic hygiene starts with teaching toddlers about washing their hands. Their hands go through a lot and they must be taught about the importance of clean hands and what are germs and that germs enter our bodies through the mouth when we put our dirty hands in.

Tell them about the different times they should wash their hands like before and after a meal, after visiting the toilet, playing on the floor or outside. 


Make the process cheerful. Sing a song for him while you rub their hands and teach them how to dry em using their favorite towel. You must also use colorful soaps to engage them into this.

2. Brushing Teeth

Tooth brush is a kind of toy for your toddler. He won't understand the germ and cavity part so you would like to keep it light by telling them about cleanliness and bad-breath making funny yuck- faces for your toddler to grab things and also learn the basic yet important etiquette.


Explain to them how to brush their teeth by applying pea-sized paste and then cleaning their teeth and tongue, and then show them how to rinse your mouth and spit properly. 

Remember to use cold water for safety purposes and toddler-friendly toothpastes. 

He will use his favorite brush of of course! 

You can also play around by teaching them to brush their favorite toy's teeth. That's a great way of learning for a toddler.


Your child needs assistance in brushing up until he is 8 years old but he will be a pro if you teach him right from the start. 

3. Bathing 

Make your toddler bathe every morning as it is the most important aspect when you talk about hygiene. All the dirt, germs must be washed away so the child doesn't fall ill.

Make the bathing time fun by using their favorite soap. Let them splash some water and have fun. Let them laugh and meanwhile sing for them narrating the process in a playful manner.


Always remember to stay close to your child. Never leave them alone in the bathroom as a little amount of water too may drown your toddler. 

Your child won't be able to bathe by himself for a long time but teaching the right habits at the right time will make your child smart and health conscious.

4. Potty Hygiene

Your toddler his favorite color potty seat to start with. Put some attractive stickers on it so that the baby loves his seat even more. 

Don't put your child on the burden of diapers every single time and teach them how to use the potty seat correctly. Tell them to sing their favorite rhymes while they poop. After they are done show them how to use toilet paper properly and not waste it or play with it. 


Make sure they wash their hands properly after they are done. Also tell them about the importance of saving water and its optimal use.

It's not just about hygiene but also being a good human being as they grow up.

5.Clean Surroundings And Eating Habits

Teach your toddler about eating the right way without making a mess on the table. The best practice is to eat with them and have a close look at their actions. Tell them to not eat food off the floor and eat small portions, chewing adequately so that the food digests properly. Teach your toddler not to litter here and there and also to place their toys at the right spot after they finish playing. 

After your child has finished eating, teach them to wash their hands thoroughly. Also teach them to thank god after every meal and that the bread is very precious.

When and how to start hygiene training?

Well there isn’t any mentioned or a specific time to start with your toddler's hygiene training. The best practice is to start when your child starts understanding a few things. You should start by making hygiene a playful aspect. Teach them various etiquette by singing songs, using their toys, and being with them at every moment so that you can teach them wherever they need training. 

Like I said before, a child won't do as you ask him to do, but will definitely do things as you do.

So teach what you preach.

Always be aware to maintain your hygiene and good habits for your toddler to follow. They adapt quickly to what they see and not to what they hear. 

Use your hands more than your tongue when it's about teaching toddlers. 

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