Summer Activities for Families


Can you believe that the summer holidays are already here? While you may be looking forward to catching some summer sun, many of the parents out there may be worrying about how they will manage to keep their little ones entertained through the break. Don’t worry, our list of family-friendly summer activities is here to inspire you to put together the best summer yet!

1. Plan a picnic:

What’s summer without a picnic? Family picnics make the perfect summer activity because they combine good food with time spent outside soaking up the warm weather. Suitable for family members of all ages, this well-established summer activity can be enjoyed on the beach, in your home’s backyard, or anywhere your heart desires. We recommend inviting some family friends over and make a day of it. Throw in a few board games, perhaps a ball and bat, and you’re sure to be in for a day of non-stop fun. If your family has young children, encourage them to get involved in the planning of the picnic by having them prepare a few easy snacks and pack a basket themselves. Children find immense joy and self-pride in simple acts of service and responsibility.

2. Enjoy a movie marathon:
One of the biggest misconceptions of planning a summer full of fun activities is that it needs to break the bank. Wrong! There are plenty of affordable, even free, summer activities to be enjoyed - one of those is planning a family movie marathon. For this summer movie marathon idea, you and your partner can choose your favorite kid’s movies from your childhood. Bonus points if you find some movies that your kids have not yet seen. Then, over the course of the summer, sit down and watch these movies together. Not only will you  relive the magic of your childhood through your favorite movies, but your little ones will get the opportunity to learn more about what sparked joy in your childhood. And remember, no family movie marathon is complete without popcorn!

3. Go on Family Walks:
Is there anything better than a leisurely walk through nature? Now imagine one enjoyed with family! Invite your kids on a morning or afternoon walk with you every day. Not only do family walks tire little ones out, thereby improving their sleep, but walks also give you all the opportunity to bond while out in the great outdoors. Remember, family walks can be far from boring, especially when games are involved. We recommend playing ‘I Spy,’ or simply dedicating a certain color to each walk. For example,
today we are going to point out everything we see that is blue!

4. Get Baking:
Use the upcoming summer break as an opportunity to bake a few of your favorite summer treats with your family. We recommend making a day of it by getting your kids involved. Baking is a great activity because there are plenty of age-appropriate baking tasks. For example, if your little one is in pre-k, they can help by mixing ingredients and decorating. Now, if your children are a little older, they can get more hands on and perhaps even crack an egg. Remember, baking isn’t just a fun bonding activity, it can also act as an opportunity to pass down important kitchen skills to your little ones that they can perhaps draw on in the future.

How will you be spending your summer? Let us know a few of your family’s favorite summer activities by commenting below this blog post!

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