Self-Care for New Mothers: How to Preserve and Replenish Your Physical Health As a New Mom

Shout out to all the moms and soon-to-be moms out there. In this moment, allow me to put YOU into the center and give you all of the loving attention…

..Because I know with the arrival of your baby you easily forget about yourself and your well-being. Isn’t it, darling?!

Well, I didn’t forget about you!

Naturally, all you can think about is your baby and how to give her / him the best. We mothers are obsessed with our little human and that is great!

I remember that when my babies were new-borns, I spent days and nights worrying about my baby. If I recall correctly, for the first 6 months I didn’t even get one full night’s sleep.

And I know you are like me. We moms are invincible warriors. 

But in this, we easily forget how important it is for us to be in our best shape, if not for ourselves then at least to be able to take the best care of others. 

Listen on.

It is NOT selfish to think about yourself first. 

Only if you thrive, can you make your baby and everyone around you thrive


One of the best pieces of advice you hear is to sleep when your baby is asleep. 

And this is not only for the first months. No.

Even till a few months later, your night sleeps are going to be cut short too often. So you will be sleeping waaayyyy less at night.

So you have to find comfort and rest during your daytime naps. 

Make sure you make your day-time naps powerful, deep, restful, replenishing.

Because they will matter to keeping you together in one piece.

I don’t know about you but for me sleeping in bright places is difficult. And even when you may not realize, bright light does not let melatonin secrete in your body which is the thing responsible to put your body into a restful cycle.

But how can you find darkness in daytime?


That’s why, I love my sleeping masks especially this Hot and Cold Gel Bead Therapy Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes.

These super-soft eye masks are designed to block out light which will help you get into an instant deep and relaxing sleep.

This eye mask is great not only for sleeping but also helps relieve pain & puffiness. It is effective relief for migraine, sinus pressure, fatigues and also helps with those naughty dark circles. 

These are reusable masks and come with an adjustable strap and a leak-proof design. 

You can use them hot and cold.


Ok, let me explain.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can prepare you for motherhood.

There are a million and a half books and videos out there advising you about motherhood and how to take care of your babies but the fact is, right from Day 1, you will face challenges and questions regarding your baby’s well-being that you really won’t have answers to.

And this will freak you out.

This will freak your husband out too.

So now there’s two adults in the house freaking out. 

And that is NOT good.

Especially when it happens often. And it WILL happen often.

And this will take a mental toll on you. You will think you are a bad mom, you will think you are irresponsible, you will doubt if what you are doing is the right solution for your child, you will not be sure whom and what to trust.

Therefore, it is supremely important not to let your mental health spiral downwards. 

All it will take is 5 minutes daily to make sure you don’t freak out and don’t fall for mental traps.


Simple. Breathe in deeply and slowly. And repeat to yourself:

I got this.

I am a good mother.

Not everyone has all the answers. I am figuring it all out.

It is actually kinda fun being on this motherhood journey.

I am a really good mother. My baby loves me.

All the best solutions are coming to me.

I am doing my best.

Breathe in slowly again.

Once again. Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw.

Relax. And smile.


Ok, raise your hand if you feel normal the whole day….

...but as soon as you get into bed at night… your feet and back feel like they would just crumble!

I almost hear mine cursing me for having over-used them during the day. Haha

But as mothers, we really run around more than we realize. And that tires up our feet more than we know.

So I made sure to stock this bonus item, one that you might not even know that you are in need of. But trust me, you do.

Did you know that tired legs and constant back pains lead to migraines? 

So - I’ve got your back, literally!

My life took a 180 degree turn once I have started using these Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Inserts. They are fit for Women and Kids also. 


These shoe inserts come with inbuilt arch support to help distribute pressure across aches, providing support for balance, thus reducing foot pain and your body will feel waayyy more relaxed.

They are made of extra-soft memory foam. Absolutely recommended and ideal for everyday use. 

The Deep Heel Cup is designed in a way that will ease the discomfort associated with walking or standing for extended periods of time.


If you want to spread some love you can also gift other mothers these items. You know that no help is never needed for a new mother. Let’s do all we can for each other.

These are items that every mom needs, no matter what. They come in premium packaging with an extra storage pouch. 

Reach out to me and let me know how you like these products. I would love to know your experience.

Rock on Momma sisters!

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