Potty Training Signs and Tips for Success



Have you recently noticed your little one is going through fewer diapers? Perhaps they are beginning to stay dry during nap time. These, along with other signs, mean that it may be time for you as a parent to dive into the exciting world of potty training!


Now, before we divulge all our best potty training tips, let’s take a closer look at the signs that your child may be ready for big kid undies:

1. You are changing fewer diapers: babies and toddlers urinate frequently until they are around 20 months old. But once they begin to stay dry for over an hour, it is a sign that they are beginning to develop bladder control.

2. Your child doesn’t like dirty diapers: your little one may suddenly decide that they don’t want to hang out in dirty diapers.  They indicate this by turning up their nose at the mess or by telling you that they are about to go, or have already gone.

3. They want to mimic adults: If your little one is taking an interest in using the ‘grown up toilet’ or wearing ‘big kid undies’ it may be a sign that they are ready to take the big leap into potty training.


Whether these ‘potty training signs’ come earlier or later for your child, you’ll get cues on “when it’s time” for your little one. If you have recently seen these signs, then buckle up, because we are about to share our top tips for successful potty training!


Our Top 6 Tips for Potty Training:

1. Play up the Potty Positives: Before your first diaper-free trial run, highlight the benefits of using a potty to your little one. You can say things like “Wearing underwear is fun”, or “Soon, you will be able to flush the big toilet like mommy and daddy!”

2. Dress for Success: Get into the habit of dressing your toddler in the right potty training clothes (pants that pull up and down), and then practice that all-important pull-down maneuver. To complement their new potty training look, accessorize with our smart potty training watch - a child-friendly watch that buzzes or plays music when it is time to go potty.

3. Include Them in The Decision-Making: Motivate your little one by involving them in the pre-potty training decision process. A few ways you can do this include inviting them to pick their own potty, ‘big kid underwear,’ and potty training rewards.

4. Show Them How: Toddlers love to mimic, and the toilet is no different! Instead of explaining to them how to squat, show them yourself. Don’t forget to demonstrate other tasks like wiping and flushing. If you are making use of our smart potty training watch, encourage them to use it by setting an alarm on your own watch before heading to the bathroom.

5. Keep Them Motivated: Remind your little one that using the potty means they are growing up. In the beginning, small, tangible incentives can help too. For every potty success, reward them by giving them a sticker or a penny to put in their piggy bank.

6. Make it Fun: If potty training time is stressful, they are going to want to be in diapers forever. Prevent your little one from reverting back to diapers by making potty time fun! Many parents are finding that adding a touch of magic to potty training is the easiest way to make it enjoyable. We recommend turning to our magical stickers, stickers that change color when urinated on, to keep the energy levels high during potty time!

Potty training time is a pivotal time where your little one’s independence first begins to shine through. At Cradle Plus, we are passionate about making this time a happy and successful one, for both potty users and trainers, with our range of toddler-approved products.  

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