How to Photograph Your Baby: Baby Photography Ideas & Tips To Capture Those Moments

Memories of your baby are the

most precious treasures you will own. 

This post will tell you how to make them more memorable.

You don’t want an ounce of regret, because this time will never come back.

And nobody wants their kid to look at a picture and say, “Mom! What did you do to me?” It should be a surprise for them, not a shock.

So, here are some tips for you to make your baby a showstopper.

The Right Location 

Okay, imagine you hired the best professional photographer, and now they suggest you take your baby to the most beautiful park of the city.

Sounds promising, right?

But wait, think about the baby.

Will the baby be comfortable, or will they just end up crying incessantly… not so good anymore. 

So, NO, the perfect location is not the prettiest with the best lighting, its where you little one feels comfortable, and what could that be…

Yes, your HOME! 

 Lights and camera can be adjusted later, don't you worry about that.

Baby photography ideas at home

Simple photos like these focusing on your children can be easily done from the comfort of your home.

Elegant baby photos ideas from home

Same with focused photos like these.

precious baby photos from home ideas

Photographs that will remind you of your relationship with your baby, forever, can be easily done from your home. After all, your home is a part of these memories too.

baby photography from home ideas


take cute baby photos at home ideas and inspiration

Hit the Happy Hour

No, no… I am not talking about that “happy hour”..

I am talking about the baby’s happy hour, the time your little one is fast asleep and dreaming about…wondering what, right?... 

What do babies dream about?

 I will answer that in my upcoming blog, so stay tuned.

It could also be a time when they are calm and happy, find that time of the day for the shoot.

happy baby photos - smart ideas and best tips


how to take happy best photos of your baby

Beauty Is In Those Tiny Details


See how beautiful these pictures look.

Don’t forget to document all of those sweet little details that make your baby unique! 

That cute button nose, the rosebud lips, the crinkly little chin and even those tiny toes and fingers..

In between feeding them and changing diapers, your child will grow and you would not have the time to notice these details.. So this is your chance to capture it!

focus on details and these tips to take cutest baby photos at home

Keep It Simple

No prop is better than a smile.



Ditch those complicated props and poses..

The natural element of a sleeping baby is so pure and beautiful, capturing that is enough, more than enough. 

I am not saying no props, but use things that the baby is comfortable with, like their toys, or you know what, get people in there! 

It could be an older sibling or the parents.

Get in there! Keep it natural and capture that bond.

 tips to take the best baby photos

Don't Crave For Perfection

Nothing is perfect, except you baby.

Don’t go chasing that one perfect shot in a particular angle that you saw in a blog (maybe even this blog).

Just go with the flow and click as many pictures as possible.

Try different angles instead of different poses, that way, you are not disturbing the baby.

And remember, you don’t have the whole day with this model!

easy ideas to take pictures of your baby - cute and sweet

photography ideas with parents and babies - simple but great

You got to wrap it up quickly. 

Just remember one thing, baby’s comfort and safety come first.  

I understand, this time will not come again… soon they will be walking and then going to school and even off to college.. you won’t realize how quickly time goes by.

So, one last tip, capture your child from your perspective, the way you see them beautiful. 

Enjoy the process and keep a pacifier handy!

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