How To Care For Your Feet?

“A mother never stops caring for her children”

But, does it ever make you wonder that in all of the daily humdrum, who looks after you?

From dawn till dusk, you are up on your feet, constantly running and making things that you can give your kids a smooth day. 

Your feet carry all this burden for you, so they are meant to be treated well!

As a mom, you may not always place a lot of emphasis on foot care. Yet, your feet follow your pace and serve you well in many ways.

One common problem that mothers face is PLANTAR FASCIITIS. Your feet get inflammation and the heel pain that comes along is unbearable. 


While working on your kid's project or preparing dinner, we don't focus on our posture. All our energy goes into doing the best for our kids. But, incorrect posture and pressure on your feet can also give you backache. 

It sounds like spending half an hour caring for your feet once a week is an easy task, but ask a mother! 

You don't have the time and the mental space.

There is always something going and self-care takes a backseat easily.

An easy solution to this would be something you can wear around the house with your indoor footwear while doing all the important tasks on your list. Try- shoe inserts by Cradle plus and I am sure you will thank me later. I use it too!

Watch this video to find out more.

And, and, and....

You can also trim these to fit into your kid's shoes. 

For the days when your children are off to granny's or having a day out with their father, these are easy and practical ways you can care for your feet:


As a Mom, you spend tons of time on your feet. Chances are a callus or two has formed, not to mention layers of scaly, dead skin that could do with a quick scrub. Exfoliate your feet to slough away dead skin cells and boost circulation. Callus scrapers and razors could cut feet and lead to infection so stick with pumice stones or hydrating scrubs with grainy salts or sugars in them that can safely remove dead layers of skin.


Sweaty feet are a prime breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to serious foot odor. Keep your feet fresh and smell-free by soaking your feet in a home-brewed mint tea for 20 minutes or a natural wash of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts water.

Stretch and Strengthen

Keep your feet flexible and strong with basic exercises like rolling your foot over a golf ball, picking up small items on the floor with your toes, and pointing and flexing your feet during your workouts (hold for at least 10 seconds each).


A little massage goes a long way, especially when it comes to your feet. Go for a quick foot rub and use a lotion or oil with a calming scent like lavender or sandalwood to help relieve stress too. 

Keep an eye on your feet for changes, pain, irritation, and anything else. And go to a podiatrist, yes that's what they are called.

Happy Feet Moms!



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