Creating a Better Bedtime Routine for Babies and Toddlers


Putting your kids to bed, whether newborn or toddler have turned out to be either an art or hit and miss for most parents.

studies have shown that creating and sticking to a bed time routine helps not just the kids but also the parent.

The routine is soothing to the kid, and puts the body into calm down mode, the Child can predict what's coming next, and knows it eventually leads to sleep.

For the parent on the other hand, this is also a calming time, an opportunity to give undivided attention to the child and just shut off all the issues that axist in the "adult world"

The best part of this is that creating a bedtime routine for babies is a great idea since they are most likely to stick with this routine through their lifetime.

First things first: Getting ready for bed.

Cluster activities that can be repeated daily, you could start with shower or bath if you do that at night, teeth brushing and then diaper change before having the baby in his/her nightwear.

Everybody loves bath times, and for kids they sometimes would want to spend "forever" in the bath tub. For the parent this can be a chore as its not easy kneeling down by the tub waiting for them to be done. The Cradle plus Bath kneeler  and elbow rest is the perfect choice when it comes to this, its soft memory foam will definitely make bath times easier on both Mum and kids.


Bath Time
Incorporating a bath time routine is a great way to round up the day's activities.

Giving your baby a good scrub not only wash the dirt away, but it also helps our babies skin stay healthy. By using soap made that is specially for babies, this exercise can preserve the softness of his skin. Bath time also has some emotional benefits and is a great time to bond with your baby by playing with them. By using the Cradle Plus baby bath kneeler and elbow rest, parents can stay comfortable while bathing their babies.

Reading a Favorite Storybook
We must have heard of this ancient practice that has survived through generations due to its relaxing ability. Reading a Favorite Storybook a couple of times to your baby can help them have a more satisfying bedtime rest.

Put off the Light
When story time is over, you can gently tuck them in with a lot of kisses, smiles, and lullaby or two and put off the light. Don't leave the light on because you think your little one will be afraid; the dark is the best for getting your body into sleep mode. Sleep encourages the release of hormones (melatonin) that helps to sleep.

With these easy routine, parents can accomplish this seemingly difficult phase of parenting and avoid all the drama that is characterized by this period.

By purchasing a few baby bedtime products, parents can keep it together. A baby is most likely to relax if he/she knows what to expect, the more relaxed he/she is, the more likely he/she is to fall asleep quickly. Sticking to a routine religiously can make babies settle down quickly. The sooner you establish a bedtime routine the better and don’t forget to gift yourself a cradle plus baby bath kneeler and elbow rest because it will do you a lot of good.


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