Before you introduce Solid food to a baby : Important tips

Now that that your baby has shown all the signs of being ready for solid foods, you have your go ahead from the pediatrician and your baby is actually old enough to start eating solids, the next step is to figure out the best way to introduce the solid food to the baby.

Before we go any further, I will like to reiterate that the recommendation is still that for the first 12months of life remember baby can get all of his/her nutrition from milk, so at this stage the goal is not to replace the Nutrition needs of the baby with solid food.

There a lot of processed foods like oatmeal or rice in the stores that one can potentially use to introduce solids, while these are safe to use, they are usually not the best nutritionally. It is best to start with foods like banana, avocado, sweet potato and pears. putting a piece of these foods in the cradle plus Pacifier fruit feeder will reduce the risk of your baby choking on them since only the juice can come out. And the Pacifier shaped silicone nipple gives a familiar feeling to the baby, thus improving your chances of success.

It is recommended that you introduce one food at a time, and watch for intolerances and allergies, if none noted you can try a different food a couple of days later, but if any allergy or intolerance is noted, please stop introducing foods and see your pediatrician.

Do not forget that the baby still needs milk, to ensure that baby does not reduce milk intake, try to offer milk before solids. 


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