7 Killer Tips to Dress Confidently and Smartly as a Recent Mother

“When you look your best, you do your best.”

This statement has a new meaning for women entering mamahood. All those things that gave you confidence to walk the streets like it’s a ramp, are no more in use.

Your high heels are hiding in the dark corners of my closet,

your best dresses haven’t been worn in years,

and your pretty outfits are pretty dated.

And amidst all this, you do not feel the best. You feel the opposite of it.

But walk with me and take up the challenge of redefining your style in this new phase of life.

Let's begin...

When it comes to dressing up, whether you're 25 or 45, it doesn't mean you have to stick to the same old boring looks. Fortunately, today's mom styles are youthful, hip, and fun.

That's what has been trending all over social media, and I have picked the best tips for you to dress confident and smart, live stress-free and enjoy momahood.

1. Get to know your new body

By understanding the new curves of your body, you can begin to dress it in a way, which is complimentary.

The Mum-tum is usually the first part of your body to signify a baby used to reside there and it may take some time to go. Greet it like a new friend and begin to work with it, rather than against.

Find comfort in the clothes you wear. T-shirts are a super-comfy option and you can rock them with all kind of bottoms. 


2. Get comfortable 

For some, motherhood might rekindle the long-lost love of blue jeans and white tee, while other might find comfort in maxi dresses.

 Ask yourself, what does my lifestyle require my style to be? Then invest in those pieces and ensure they fit your body to perfection.

The beauty of an everyday Mum uniform is its ability to take the stress out of getting dressed every day.

And what better for a mum than a cotton T-shirt which let's you breath so that you can go on and hustle through your day without any discomfort.

3. New phase, new wardrobe

Imagine your new body as a new house. You wouldn’t decorate it the same as your old home, so why should your postpartum body be any different?

Rediscover your style statement in this new phase of life. Being a mom is special, don't waste a minute on worrying about things that can be solved with simple steps. 

Buy new clothes, go on shopping spree, it is therapeutic mommas! 

4. Get humor and character in your clothing

The best part about our clothing is that it is an extension of who we are.
Now as a mom, you are a superhuman - one who can handle her children, her household, her career to the best. So it's time to bring that character and humor into your clothing.

These cradle plus t shirts are designed with this in mind.
Motherhood can get lonely and frankly sad, pretty often.
So why not bring fun and humor into our lives.

Not to mention this can be such a cool way to vibe with other moms!

5. Don't try to fit in

Don't struggle, don't stretch!

No no...not with the baby...I meant, your favorite old top that doesn't fit you anymore. 


Don't try to squeeze yourself into it already, rather, be patient. Wait for your body to change and then, magically all of your old clothes will start to fit again. 

It is ok to see Hollywood moms wearing mini skirts and high heels.

You don't have to fit into that trope.

You be comfortable as the mom who is elegant, simple, functional in her cute, funny t shirt.

6. Twin with your baby

Having a bad day?

No worries, your baby is there for you. I know, I know, confused, right?

But wait for it. 

How about you and the baby twin with your clothes today!

Won't that be fun. It is an enjoyable way to cheer yourself up and get de-stressed. Dressing takes a whole new meaning when you're twining with your little one. 

7. Don’t bulk buy maternity clothing

During and after pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes, so don't bulk buy clothes for those transitional phases. They won't be of much use once your body changes again. 

So, don't over-shop.

And finally, find your authentic, unique style.

You need to feel good in what you wear. That also means that bodycon dresses just may not be for everyone, and that’s completely ok. What you don’t want to do is get caught up in buying items for trends’ sake, and then 6 months to a year later realize it was a waste of money.

 So, go out there mommas and rock the world with your style.

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