Most Effective Routine To Enjoy Motherhood

Struggling to get it together as a mom? 

You don't realize when the sun rises and when it's already down!

Everybody adjusts to life with a newborn, and so will you. 

First, let's look at those mornings...

When you wake up to your kids, you’re more likely to have a crazy morning. And crazy mornings often bleed into exhausting days.


However, when we start the day on our terms we set ourselves up to have a happy, healthy, and productive day. By preparing ourselves for the day (BEFORE our children are fluttering their little eyelids) we take care of our needs before we spend the rest of the day attending to others.

So, here I bring you tips to start getting the most out of your mornings. I know, looking at a long list can feel exhausting and your first thought is, "How am I gonna manage this?".

Start by adding one of these habits into your daily routine and let the magic happen work through your day slowly.

Make your morning better



It only takes a few seconds, but it leaves you with an immediate sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. You start your day with an immediate win.

Plus, slipping into a made bed at the end of the day just feels better.


Drinking water first thing in the morning jump starts our body systems. It also helps wake you up and give you energy.


Research shows that people who exercise in the morning are far less likely to skip a workout than people who workout in the evenings. Why? Because if we leave it for later in the day, it’s way too easy to make excuses not to exercise.

Plus, it will help you have a better day. You get to check it off your list, boost your mood, and jump start your energy level first thing.


As moms, it easy to feel like we don’t have time to read anything other than bedtime stories, school newsletters, and recipe instructions.

But setting aside time for reading something uplifting (and adult) ensures that we can reap the tremendous benefits that comes from expanding our minds. You could read a parenting article, religious text, a self-help book or any great book that lifts you up and inspires you.


Mediation is amazing. Once a skeptic, I’m now a believer.

And don’t worry: You don’t have to shave your head, wear a robe, or start believing the healing power of crystals.

Meditation is basically clearing your mind and focusing on your breath and perhaps your body sensations. This practice builds calms the mind, gives you more power over your thoughts and mindset, and generally improves life.

Through daily mediation, I’ve found it much easier to be patient when my kids make a horrendous mess or keep from swearing and yelling when I’m cut off on the freeway. And best of all, It’s much easier to calm my brain at the end of the day and go to sleep.


Setting your intentions at the start of the day is an important key to a productive, successful day. You should ask yourself:

What do you want to accomplish?

How do you want to feel today?

You can print yourself a planner and enjoy the satisfaction of ticking off tasks on your list.


Nothing will waste your time more than “quickly” checking email or social media. It sucks you in and in the blink of an eye 30 minutes of precious time is gone with nothing to show for it. I try to not touch my phone until about the time I take my kids to school. My goal is to not look at my phone until 10:00am.

Now that you have your mornings sorted..

Let's look at the night routine.



If you are the type who likes to do a little now to get ahead later, then these will help you do that. The key is not to overly fill your evenings of you are just spreading out the stress.

Don’t think you need to do every single thing for the next day and then use up all that time. Use one or two of the things that cause you the most stress, and get those done instead.

  • Pack Kid’s Lunches| One sure way to have a stressed morning is to wait until morning on this one. Or better yet, have your kids pack their own lunches.

  • Set out breakfast| This feels good, especially for planners. If you’re like me, planning helps with feeding my kids healthy foods.

  • Make a to-do list for the next day| I have read how some mom’s totally de-clutter their brains before bed by jotting down a list for the next day. If you struggle to clear your mind at bedtime, try this.

  • Lay out clothes| Laying out clothes can be a fun way to prep for the next day. This is true especially if you have multiple children.

  • Set coffee/tea on a timer| Do you love waking up to the small of hot tea or yummy coffee? Most coffee makers now have timers, and this could be something nice to look forward to.


This is an important piece! We have to remember ourselves, mamas. We are often putting ourselves last. And that’s a shame because we can’t give others our best when we’re not at our best.

I like to shower at night before bed rather than in the morning because it relaxes me and helps me sleep. It also saves me tons of time in the morning, obviously.

I also love a warm cup of tea when winding down. It helps so much!

This might also be your workout time if you’re not a morning person. I really need to start adding exercise to my evening routine!


Knowing what time you will go to bed is just as important as knowing what time you will wake up. When you plan your bedtime as well as your waking up time, you plan the number of hours of sleep you will get. Getting an adequate amount of sleep largely determines what kind of day you will have the next day.

Even if you can’t control when you go to sleep, you can control when you physically get in bed. Even if you are not sleeping, your body can begin to rest.


All of this might seem like a lot of work to do every DAY, but having all of those things done on a daily basis make my life so much more peaceful and organized.


I don’t recommend suddenly trying to add all of the things on this list to your evening routine. You’ll most likely get overwhelmed and wind up quitting. 

I encourage you to pick the one thing that you think would be most helpful on this list and try it for a week or two. Tweak it, adjust it, and figure out what works for you. Once you’ve got one thing down, you can slowly add more tasks to your evening routine. 

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