5 Potty Training Rewards


1. Potty Training Stickers:

What child doesn’t love stickers? It is important to note here that potty training reward stickers are no ordinary stickers. Why? Well, because they change color when wet (like being hit with a stream of liquid - get it?). This interactive, almost magical element, is a great way to make learning how to go “number one” an exciting experience. Cradle Plus Potty Training Stickers come a variety of characters and colors. They a great tool to motivate your little one and help them keep their “eye on the prize”.


2. A Sticker Chart:

In addition to color-changing stickers, another great reward idea is a sticker chart. Each day your little one successfully makes it to the potty, they can be rewarded with a sticker to put on their chart. As a parent, you can expand on this reward idea by allowing your little one to trade their stickers in at the end of the week for a bigger reward, like some ice cream.


3. “Big Kid” Undies:

Another great potty training reward idea that doubles as a major motivator is big kid undies. Invite your little one with you on a shopping date and encourage them to pick out their own undies. Let them know that they will be able to “level up” to big kid undies once they have mastered their potty training.


4. Bubbles:

There’s no doubt that little kids love bubbles. Keep a jar of bubbles in the bathroom to use as a reward. Each time your toddler successfully uses the potty, blow a few bubbles for them to pop or let them blow the bubbles themselves.


5. Throw a Potty Party:

For parents who want to go all out to celebrate their child’s potty training successes, throw a potty party! You can use a potty party to mark a big potty training milestone, such as staying dry throughout the night or going number 2 in the potty. Just remember to let your little one know that the potty party is a one-time thing so they don’t think there will be a party after each time they use the potty!


There are plenty of creative ways you can encourage your little one to get motivated to start potty training and also celebrate their success. These ideas are just a few of our favorites!


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