5 Common Mistakes of Baby Proofing

When it comes to our little one’s safety, 

we know all the rules.

Put baby to sleep on his back…

Don’t keep loose bedding in the crib…

Store poisonous items out of reach…

And most importantly,

Never leave the baby unattended except on the floor.

But honestly, there is so much on your plates, so many things to take care of… 
You might miss a few things.
But I am here for you.

Let’s go over a few mistakes we might make and how to make sure our babies are safe.

1. Do perform safety checks

Your gate is opened, closed, and even slammed on a frequent basis.

I know you what you're thinking, that's what it’s designed.

But, mommies, you’ll want to keep checking the hardware and integrity of your gate on regular basis.

If there are loose screws, splintered wood, or any other flaws that could affect safe use, you should address them immediately.

2. Don't raise the safety gate above ground

Yes, you do want to make sure that your gate is high enough to offer ample protection, but not by lifting it off the ground.

There should be minimal space between the floor and the bottom of the gate — or it could pose an entrapment and strangulation risk.


3. Regular Toy Inspection

Regular inspection of the toys and cleaning are important not only for mold protection, but also to prevent injury from broken toys.


If toys show signs of wear and tear, repair them before you give them back to your child, or discard them.

Regular inspections can protect kids from sharp edges and small parts.


4. Don't let babies play with balloons

Yes, they are fun.

And yes, they look harmless. 

But did you know...

So, keep them away from balloons.  

I know, balloons are colorful and fun, and babies love them!

But, latex balloons are a potential choking hazard once they burst. And those broken pieces can easily be sucked into their throat and lungs, and even the ribbons tying balloons can also be a strangulation risk.

So, don’t ever let your children play with balloons unsupervised.

Especially, during birthday parties and other events with balloons, be vigilant about spotting pieces of broken balloons on the ground.

5. Stop using table cloths

Kids are curious, they want to know see and touch everything and try to taste. 

And the hanging ends of table cloths are a good attraction.

If your curious toddler child pulls on a table cloth, it won’t magically come off the table, leaving everything else nicely in place. Nope!


Instead, there will be an endless mess of dangerously hot food, broken glass and crockery, and sharp knives falling too.

If you have small children in the house, skip the table cloth.

Placemats work just as well, and are easier to clean too!

Now that you know all this, I am sure you're ready to be a super-MOM! 

And I want to leave you mommies with one last advice, 

"Child proofing does not mean less supervision." 

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