10 Reasons You Should Breastfeed: Why Breast Milk Is Good For Your Baby

When a child is born, there is happiness all around. Parents are on cloud nine and their hearts experience a feeling that can not be explained in words. 

Parents pledge to do every single thing right for their baby – be it education, health, care, protection from threats and whatnot.

Talking about health, the clock starts ticking right from the time when a baby is born. His body needs nourishment and energy. One must feed the angel drink to every child- breastmilk. 

Breast milk provides optimal nutrition to the baby and is easily digested. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that the infant should be fed with breast milk only, upto 6 months and continue it along with the solid intake of the child until at least age 1 year whereas World health organization (WHO) recommends it up till 2 years old.

The angel drink-breast milk is not only beneficial for the baby but the process of breastfeeding itself is a blessing for the mother. 

Here are the 10 amazing benefits of breastfeeding that a mother should know, not only for herself but for the little angel that has filled their lives with joy and ecstasy.

Breastfeeding Benefits For Babies:

  1. Complete Nutrition

Breast milk is a complete package. It is highly nutritious for the baby and has all the essential elements in right proportions that are needed for an infant. Its composition alters according to the needs of the baby especially during the first month.

Breast milk produces certain compounds such as colostrum (high in protein and low in sugar) which can never be replaced by formula or artificial intakes. 

  1. Healthy Weight 

Breast Milk fed babies have better gut health than formula fed babies, which ultimately promotes healthy weight gain and also prevents childhood obesity. 

Such babies also possess a good amount of leptin- which is a key hormone for regulating appetite and fat storage. 

  1. Antibodies And Immunity

Health is wealth! And don't be surprised to know that breastmilk is not only loaded with vitamins and proteins, it's also a warehouse of antibodies which helps the infant in fighting viruses and bacteria. It boosts their immunity and keeps the baby away from diseases.

  1. Breastfeeding Reduces The Risk Of Diseases

It is a fact that a sprout needs more care than a tree! Breast Milk reduces the risk of a baby falling ill. Certain diseases such as respiratory infections, cold infections, ear infections, nose infections stay away from the baby who are breastfed than those who are formula fed. 

Moreover, if a baby is breastfed exclusively ( meaning breastfed for up to 6 months without formula) then the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is reduced and the trips to doctor are less resulting in less expenditure. 

Babies are more prone to allergies and diarrhea but not the breast fed ones. 

  1. Smarter Children

Certain studies have shown that breast fed babies are smarter, more active, have higher IQ than the ones who are formula fed. Breastfeeding has significant positive effects on babies' long term brain development. This is due to the bond that a baby shares with the mother during breastfeeding as his senses are active due to physical intimacy, touch, eye contact and of course the nutrients packed in the breast milk. 

As the name suggests, angel drink- breast milk is not only beneficial for the baby but the process of breastfeeding has benefitted the mothers across the world too in numerous ways. 

Breastfeeding Benefits For Moms

  1. Lower Risk of Postpartum Depression

Breastfeeding is linked with reducing the risk of depression which is associated after childbirth known as Postpartum Depression. Mothers who don't breastfeed are more likely to suffer from this than the ones who do. 

If you see any symptoms of PPD, you must consult your doctor. 

  1. Burning Calories And Losing Weight

Yes you heard that right. Breastfeeding helps mothers to burn extra calories and this in turn will help you lose your pregnancy weight faster. A healthy baby and a fit mom, what else does one want! 

  1. Breastfeeding Saves Money
Since breast milk is naturally produced in your body, a lot of money is saved if you choose breastfeeding over formula feeding. 

The costs of the expensive formula drink becomes nil along with that of the bottles and bottle sterilizers. The mothers can have a sound sleep as they don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to search for baby bottles and prepare milk. Moreover, they don't have to keep a record of the times to feed the baby and carry bottle-formula bags wherever they go. 

  1. Uterus Contraction

Pregnancy enlarges the uterus. Breastfeeding is linked with the release of hormone oxytocin which encourages uterus contraction and helps to gain back its pre-pregnancy stage. This is the same hormone that helps in reducing the bleeding during labor and eases delivery of the baby. 

  1. Prevention Of Certain Diseases

The child and the mother both benefit from breastfeeding when it comes to the prevention of diseases and health risks.

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It helps mothers to maintain a healthy life by lowering the risks of diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Healthy heart of the mother, better care for the baby. 

Check out our free ebook where we have given directions to the mother about how to prepare for breastfeeding, the possible challenges that she could face, and ofcourse how to deal with them. 

Although breastfeeding has numerous benefits, there might be some difficulties for some moms. No need to worry. Our team at Cradleplus not only guides and helps mothers but also have products which will ease your breastfeeding process and provide you comfort. 

Breastfeeding Essentials By Cradle Plus

  1. Breast Shell And Nipple Shield Set

Sore, cracked or chaffed nipples make it difficult for mothers to breastfeed their babies. Our nipple shield acts as a barrier during sucking and provides comfort to breastfeeding moms. 

The precious milk is not to be washed away, our nursing cups ensure that the leaking milk is saved while you pump or perform your daily routine activities. Our cups are so designed that they can go on with any bra, so no issues here you see. 

Apart from providing comfort, our breast shells ensure proper air ventilation thus resulting in healing of sore and chaffed nipples. 

  1. Nip Extender

Mothers with flat or inverted nipples need not worry about difficulties in breastfeeding. Our nip extender is easy to use and helps to enhance and draw out nipples that are flat or inverted. It also provides great suction which in turn results in comfortable breastfeeding. It's easy to use and comes in a small case so it can be easily carried.

  1. Boob Beanie – breastfeeding awareness hat for babies

The benefits of breastfeeding are numerous but it's important to create awareness among people so that all could benefit from it and make right decisions in life. 

Cradle plus offers a cool way to deploy awareness and that too bundled with cuteness. Our boob beanie hat is made with love from soft acrylic which keeps the baby cozy and comfortable while giving an important message to other mothers of what is going around and that too in a subtle way. 

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